• In the majority parts of South Punjab, women live with constant fear towards their well-being. They repetitively struggle against the male-dominating society due to the lack of opportunities and power. WCCIB sheds light on the crucial issues women encounter and provides them with numerous chances to enhance their skills and make a living for themselves. The chamber is working towards empowering women to help them improve their lifestyle through economic and social progress, so they can further inspire women around them
  • WCCIB is always looking for ways to give complete independence to its members. We sit together with them to search for different methods to enhance their skills and then come to terms on a single viewpoint. Our mission is to provide these women with all the necessities including social presence, technical skills, relevant knowledge, and take them to places where they can showcase their abilities with confidence. We, at WCCIB, want to make our members strong and independent so that they can live their lives with dignity, adapting to social and economic changes.
  • Promoting the Business of Women Entrepreneurs
  • Providing them a Safe Place to Work
  • Helping them expand their businesses without any obstacles
  • Assisting them while they Enhance their already given Natural Skills
  • Aiding the Members with Relevant Material
  • Letting them have a Prominent and Acceptable Place in the Society where they are not Dependent on anyone else


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