About Founder

Ms. Shireen Arshad Khan (late), the Founder of Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bahawalpur – Division Bahawalpur, was pioneer and visionary about women development and capacity building of underprivileged women of rural areas. After years of hard work and struggle, she managed to promote and envision an idea of independence for rural women who could not come out of their homes or earn any livelihood due to the customs of their village. Ms. Khan introduced loans without taking profit in return, which was beneficial for various women living under miserable conditions after having to pay 23% markups to the banks. The women she helped now work for major brands and are making a good living for themselves. She also realized and took the initiative of empowering local rural women by imparting them with livestock training so they can utilize their true potential. Today more than 540 female members in Bahawalpur District are trained in livestock to get more meat and milk training. These female members are also adding income to their households which in return is helping their children receive proper school education. The founder managed to attract a large number of members for WCCI-BWP in which she financed membership fees of numerous members, as many of them could not afford the membership fee but had immense potential and talent. The women of the area faced major health problems because majority of them were indulged in hard labor such as wheat cutting and cotton picking. Therefore, she began by focusing on the identification of potential clusters in remote villages and, the chamber began its intervention in this regard. The hallmark of Founder success is a reflection of WCCI-BWP activities today with regard to the increase in numbers of women entrepreneurs hailing from remote villages of Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, and Bahawalnagar. Ms. Khan has also been a Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from the year 2008-2013. She used that platform to empower and inspire women. The staff members of WCCI-BWP honor the legacy Ms. Shireen Arshad Khan has left behind as her vision has been carried forward by the existing management with the primary goal of women's development and promotion of female entrepreneurship amongst rural women of South Punjab.
Ms. Shireen Arshad Khan

Message Of The President 2022-2023

Being one of the founder members of the Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bahawalpur Division, I have seen our mere dream turn into a reality. The journey was never easy, keeping in mind the patriarchal society we reside in. Getting women out of their homes and having them take a stand for themselves was just one of the hindrances we had to overcome. Repressed voices, dominant male figures in the family, lack of awareness, and unequal opportunities were a few of the other challenges we faced in the past 8 years. We have come so far collectively with the women of South Punjab belonging to both rural and urban backgrounds. Over the years, WCCIB has given women the utmost respect and created opportunities for them to grow personally and professionally. I am thankful to God, my members, and the team of WCCIB for giving me the chance to make a difference in society and play my part as the President of WCCIB for the year 2022-23. The position comes with enormous responsibility which I am ready to take with the support of my WCCIB family. With one step at a time, I aim to bring both national and international opportunities for my members that will assist them in expanding and promoting their businesses. In my tenure, I will try my level best to narrow the gender gap in society by spreading awareness regarding the importance of women’s empowerment and standing up against the social taboos set for women by society. My main aim is to make the women of Bahawalpur, Rahim yar Khan, and Bahawalnagar become financially stable enough for them to have a say in the important decisions of their homes and work place. I have a clear roadmap planned for my term as the President that includes setting up medical camps for the women who have been neglecting their mental and physical health, linking the women of South Punjab to various governmental organizations, setting up a display and service center, arranging training sessions to enhance skills of our members, participating in global and domestic events, and organizing two mega events that will prove to be the turning point for our members. This year, in addition to the traditional ways of marketing used already, we will be opening doors to the digital world for our members. With the correct and efficient use of the technology, we will help the women of South Punjab achieve their unimaginable targets. WCCIB will continue to provide opportunities and encourage the entrepreneurial mindset of women from different sections of society under my leadership. I believe every woman holds the potential to stand up on her feet if given the right opportunity. Every woman is powerful and every woman has a story that the world needs to hear and get inspiration from. I want to become the passage through which these beautiful success stories reach the world. I will do, everything in my capacity, to help these women become the heroes of their own stories.
Naheed Masud,,