WCCIB Introduction

Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bahawalpur Division, registered with the Directorate General Trade Association, Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan, holds the honor of supporting and promoting women entrepreneurs from around South Punjab, including Bahawalnagar and Rahim Yar Khan Districts. Pakistan is one of the fortunate countries to have separate chambers for women, solely working for their betterment. We take pride in being one of the topmost Women’s Chambers in Pakistan and providing endless facilities to our members. WCCIB has, is, and will always work tirelessly to empower women entrepreneurs by accepting their perspectives on business and helping them have a prominent social standing. The chamber works day and night to create a safe place for its members where they can grow both socially and economically. The focus lies on the significance of effective trading activities in the region. South Punjab is one of the most under-developed and underprivileged areas of Pakistan. Hence, businesswomen face cultural, social, health, economic and political challenges, despite their hard work. To ensure their safety and progress, WCCIB works on multiple dimensions to create a hybrid model that offers a sustainable and relevant solution according to the needs of women, irrespective of their background.


Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bahawalpur offers women entrepreneurs of Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, and Rahim Yar Khan Districts numerous opportunities to recognize their self-worth and use their skills to achieve great things in life. The chamber operates with the aim of providing a safe linkage between women of South Punjab, where they interact with one another and create a strong bond of business relationships. The focus lies on the effective leadership of these energetic and business-minded women to ensure successful trading activities in the South Punjab region.
We here at WCCIB are working diligently for the better future of women of South Punjab. Through the facilities and benefits provided by the chamber, various women are able to recognize their self-worth. They made choices for themselves that not only changed their lives, but helped influence women around them. The creativity and hard work of these women speak for themselves!

History of WCCIB

After the constant struggle of 45 years for the empowerment of oppressed women, Mrs. Shireen Arshad (late) founded the Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bahawalpur in 2014. Registered with the Ministry of Commerce under the Government of Pakistan, the chamber has overcome its fair share of resistance against the male-dominated society. WCCIB holds the honor of being one of the prominent Women Chambers in South Punjab, an under-developed area consisting of 72 % of rural space. For the past 7 years, the chamber has worked consistently to empower women entrepreneurs by providing them with several facilities and opportunities for their growth in economic, social, political, cultural, and health sectors. Various projects and training sessions were launched that encouraged women entrepreneurs to do better and succeed in society. Some of the prominent ones are as following:
• Sheep Farming Project
• Turkish Project
• USAID Project
• Loans provided by Akhuwat
• Embroidery Training
Currently, the Office Bearers, Executive Committee Members, Members, and the Staff of WCCIB are working day and night to carry on the legacy of Mrs. Khan and empower women entrepreneurs.

Current Project

We started a project titled Hunarmand Khatoon Training Program in 2021. Through this project we decided to play our part in removing poverty from South Punjab by empowering the underprivileged women of these areas by providing them with financial independence.
In the first phase of Hunarmand Khatoon Training Program we trained 50 women under Stitching and Embroidery Courses. In addition to helping them enhance their skills, monthly stipend was paid to these women to support them financially. After the competition of the course, we helped these women find stable jobs at different brands.
In the second phase of Hunarmand Khatoon Training Program, we have introduced several new courses to help the women of South Punjab enhance their skills. We are currently offering the following courses at WCCIB:

• Embroidery Course
• Stitching Course
• English Language Course
• Beautician Course
• Graphic Designing Course
• Social Media Marketing Course
• Baking Course
• Calligraphy Course
• Resin Art Course
• Fabric Painting Course
• Yoga Classes

Meri Kahani Series

In November 2021, WCCIB launched a project titled as Meri Kahani. The purpose of this project was to showcase the entrepreneurial efforts of the women of South Punjab by celebrating their journeys which is marked with hard work, sacrifice and challenging the status quo. Under this project, we have conducted two chapters, Meri Kahani and Pehchaan, which included exhibitions, roadshows and mentoring sessions. Till date, we have celebrated the story of over 200 women entrepreneurs which can be seen at Meri Khani

We are now back with the third chapter of the Meri Kahani series, titled Sang-e-Meel. This new chapter holds immense importance for us because it was a dream of our late Founder, Ms. Shireen Arshad Khan, to recognize the achievements of women working tirelessly to make a living for themselves and stand on their feet. The objective of this chapter is to acknowledge and award the efforts of women entrepreneurs who have achieved success through hard work, breaking stereotypes, and a deep desire to change the social status quo. WCCIB believes that such women exists throughout Pakistan and they need to be identified and accordingly awarded.


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